December CEO Message

As the year winds down, I always carve out some time for myself to reflect. I reflect on the people; my family, friends, industry colleagues, and teammates and how grateful I am for all of them. I reflect on how fortunate I am to live in Canada, in this beautiful province, where my family and I are safe and have housing, healthcare, education and opportunity, which sadly many others lack.

2021 at go2HR, was a year of transformation around our new strategic plan reflecting our 4 core services – Human Resources, Health & Safety, Training, and Research and Strategy. That year, we transformed what we did and the way we do business – collaboration and partnerships were foundational in our efforts.

2022 moved fast and furious and go2HR experienced a year of maturation. We settled into our renewed mandate and the way we work and grew into the things we aspired to do through our transformation. This year was both fulsome and rewarding. And, we are ending the year in a very different place than where we started.

Here are a few highlights to acknowledge:

• Most significantly, our HR capacity tripled and go2HR now is proudly offering HR advisory services across BC to help employers find the workers they need, and to evolve their HR and workplace practices to attract and retain today’s talent. All thanks to our partners at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport (MTACS).
• Our beautiful partnership with CMHA BC Division expanded and solidified – adding two Workplace Learning Coaches – Psychological Health & Safety, to support employers directly.
• Our Training hub expanded with Safer Spaces, new Health & Safety courses, and the CARE mental health training program. And the lessons learned from BSAFE® were invaluable in helping us take on more development work and strategize for the future.
• Our Health & Safety team finally had an opportunity to focus on something else other than COVID-19, and were able to get out to the industry to highlight other risks in the workplace. Our Certificate of Recognition (COR) program also saw a few new entrants.
• On Research and Strategy, we filled an important role when it came to leading the industry’s labor recovery and were able to use the products from our Labour Market Information (LMI) project to support our work and track progress.
• Our communication and engagement tactics, quantity and quality leapt forward. We tried new things and discovered new wins.

None of this would be possible without the talented, dedicated board of directors and the team at go2HR. They are incredibly passionate people who love this industry. I am proud of what we have accomplished and how we did it, working with you and the industry. The challenges of the worker shortage, health and safety, and skill development are persistent and we will keep strategically tackling these issues with you.

May you find the time to connect with those important to you and find the space to do the things you love.

Season’s Greetings and health and happiness for 2023!