150 Reasons to Love Working in #BCTourism

We love this wondrous country with its breathtaking scenery and natural splendours, and in the tourism industry, we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to share this love with visitors.

We have put together 150 reasons why we love working in the BC tourism industry. What makes the BC tourism scene such a sought-after place to work? We’ll be sharing all 150 reasons on this page to showcase the diverse jobs and opportunities that allow us to share and appreciate all the gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and talents and friendliness of this province!

Reason #1 from our CEO Arlene Keis

Reason #2: “The tourism industry encourages diversity of people ages and backgrounds to come from all countries. It acts as a conduit for experienced people to learn new things from different backgrounds and encourages locals to share their experiences with others. I feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to act as a tour guide and show visitors from all over the world our beautiful province.”  – Gordon C., tour guide in Vancouver

Reason #4: “I love working in tourism because passionate travellers give unsolicited life advice – which I love! Some examples: TRAVEL NOW – An older couple who were finally travelling to Whistler told me to travel NOW and not wait to visit dream places DON’T WORRY, THE MONEY WILL COME – A visitor told me that money is not the most important thing in this world, but people and experiences are DON’T FORGET HOW PERFECT THIS PLACE IS – Talking to tourists helps you see through their eyes and never forget to look up and take in the landscape we live in!” – Meredith K., destination marketing organization in Whistler

Reason #6: “What I love about working in BC Tourism is getting to meet all of the small business operators who as so passionate about what they do. Much of our region is made up of small ‘Mom & Pop’ operations who put their heart and soul into their businesses. It’s so cool to hear them talk about what they do and (more importantly) why they do it.” – Meghan R., Tourism Association in the Thompson Okanagan

Reason #8: “Getting to be a part of showing of our beautiful British Columbia.” – Alberto W., tour technician for a theatre/entertainmen venue in Vancouver

Reason #9: “I have traveled and lived all over the world never quite finding the place that had everything, until I moved to BC. With the incredible diversity of wild places on offer, living in BC is like living in the pages of a National Geographic magazine. Simply stunning mountain views, forest hikes, oceans and blue glacial waters all of which are teeming with incredible wildlife abound in the province. Add in the rich layers of history pertaining to the First Nations and gold rush settlers and there is something for everyone. Working in the BC tourism industry gives me the perfect opportunity to learn more about this amazing place and share it with family, friends and others.” – Richard C., aquarium in Vancouver

Reason #10: “It allows me to experience and appreciate what I have in my own backyard! Not only that, I get to host people from other countries and show them how nice and Candian we are!” – Madison M., hotel on Vancouver Island

Reason #11: “I love working in BC’s tourism industry because it is such a diverse industry. BC is one of the only places I know that you can be in a rainforest one day the coast on then next and then even a dessert a day later. There truly is something for everyone here and I love helping tourists find their perfect destination to travel to next.” – Kelsey K., destination marketing organization in Kitimat

Reason #14: “Because I want to share with the people from around the world all the wonderful attractions, culinary diversity, out of this world landscapes etc BC has to offer.” – Susan G., docent in Richmond

Reason #15:

Reason #16: “I fall in love with our incredibly beautiful province every single day! Each day is a new start to meet and know travelers from all around the world who have chosen BC as their choice of destination. Working in this industry has allowed me to share our gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and keep travelers baffled on how friendly our province is. What a privilege to showcase BC and personally learn more about why people come here to visit! Whether that is for a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, reunion, or something simple, there is always a story and I get the awesome opportunity to be a part of their momentous occasion.  Being alongside other tourism professionals in creating a memorable BC experience for our visitors also contributes to my love for working in the industry. What fantastic teamwork we have going on here in BC!” – Dalena N., tour guide in Vancouver

Reason #19: “You don’t often forget about the memories you make while on vacation! To be able to inspire people to visit destinations across Canada is incredibly special. To be able to create those memories for travellers while there here, is a special privilege.” – Liz S., hotel in Vancouver

Reason #20: “I am a breakfast chef and the best part of my day is getting the hotel guest a perfect breakfast to start their day. When I walk into the lobby in the morning I get to say good morning to travellers. Working in the tourism business is an amazing pleasure, you get to interact with people all over the world.” – Debbie S., hotel in the Thompson Okanagan

Reason #21: “I get paid to help people check items off their bucket lists, fulfilling lifelong dreams & putting smiles on the faces of children. Nothing is better than providing authentic experiences that bring people joy because happiness is an emotion that multiples. I head home after work feeling like I’ve made the world a better place to live in while making a good income that allows my family the ability to see the world as well – what more could I ask for in a career?” – Shawna L., sales manager in aquarium in Vancouver

Reason #22: “I get to share my passion for my destination with visitors from around the world. I get to meet people from other destinations and learn about their trip and helping make their visit to BC a memorable one. I love that the industry is a family – everyone helps each other out in order to make sure the visitors have the best stay possible. I also get to experience and recommend amazing businesses in my community and help them succeed.” – Megan T., destination marketing organization in Victoria

Reason #26: “I get inspired every day to explore BC myself! I am fortunate to be able to talk to people from all over the world about their amazing adventures here on Northern Vancouver Island and other parts of BC. I love seeing their eyes light up when they tell me about going whale watching and bear viewing, discovering the magic of a nearly deserted Northern Van Isle beach, and learning about the link between our wildlife, our landscapes and our wild salmon. They remind me every day why I live here.”  – Jeannine M., manager at a museum in Port Hardy

Reason #30: “I love giving tips and advice on what people should see to show off this beautiful province and leave a positive lasting impression!” – Chelsea, hotel in Coquitlam

Reason #31: “There is nothing more gratifying than to have a customer come into the office and tell you how much fun they had at your campground and that they can’t wait to return. It reflects that you have done your job. It is all about keeping the people happy.” – Corinne L., campground in Chemainus

Reason #33: “I worked with the public for 39 years in the aviation industry. My favourite part was boarding tourists on our local BC flights and re-experiencing my own BC explorations through their excitement and enthusiasm. After retirement, I now volunteer at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery and that gives me the chance to deepen my knowledge of the history of the BC fishing industry. I am so glad to be able to contribute to maintaining the public’s awareness of this historic industry and I love seeing the wonder on the faces of young visitors when they see what their grandparents and great-grandparents’ lives were like.” – Sharon R., museum in Richmond

Reason #35: “The tourism and hospitality industry fosters so much growth! It is the kind of industry where you can get your start on the front line, and then move horizontally or vertically across a variety of companies. There is always something new to learn and the people in this industry are very open to sharing knowledge and working together to better the industry.” – Brittany B., HR Coordinator for a resort in Brentwood Bay

Reason #36: “Why?  It’s about going further than is expected. It’s about showcasing the best I, our team at my place of work, our town, and province has to offer. It’s helping people when they need it the most and surprising them when they thought  they needed it the least. It’s about the smiles and laughs and also about showing compassion and care when things don’t go their way. It’s about getting to use my four languages and having fun. When I am out and about, I’m always thrilled by great service – I want my guests to leave having had that too – so I try to pay it forward every day. Life isn’t about the things we accumulate, but about the people we meet along the way and the experiences we savour. Doing a small part to elevate those experiences is what makes it all worthwhile. That’s why.” – Irene K., hotel in Kamloops

Reason #38: “Sharing the beauty of BC with people from all over the world, the variety that each new work day offers, and the opportunities this industry provides for travel and growth are all answers I could honestly give as to why I love working in BC’s tourism industry.  But what if I could only give one answer?  What has kept me working in tourism since first moving to BC over a decade ago? My co-workers. They have settled here from across Canada and from around the globe. They are multilingual, multi-talented, hardworking, genuine, and kind. What I love most about working in BC’s tourism industry, are the people who work in BC’s tourism industry.” – Amanda E., customer service ambassador at an airport

Reason #40: “I love sharing the most beautiful place on earth with everyone from near and far and I love meeting coworkers and guests from all corners of the world.” – Sierra S., tour consultant in the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region

Reason #43: “I love to work in an amazing place full of beautiful natural wonders and so many places to explore that make of BC a dream home and vacation destination! I love the type and variety of tourism products we have to offer to visitors to our province. I am proud of the tourism product I offer and help to sell!” – Valentina P., museum in Squamish

Reason #45: “I enjoy being an abassador in the hospitality industry because I enjoy not only telling people stories about how Vancouver has been put on the map and its journey onto becoming such a big city but also sharing great places to see, dine, shop, and events that take place all throughout the year. Vancouver is my home and everyone that I meet that is visiting gives me the opportunity to show them Vancouver from a local’s perspective. The Vancouver Tourism Industry is my heart, my soul, my city, and I am proud to be a part of it.” – Ramon B., server at a hotel in Vancouver

Reason #46: “I work for an amazing airline and get to see a lot of BC, Canada and North America. Travelling around really helps you appreciate how good we have it here in beautiful British Columbia! People are always curious where I’m from when travelling and I’m proud to say I was born and raised in the best place on Earth, British Columbia!” – Kapil P., flight attendant for a Canadian airline

Reason #47: “It’s so much fun chatting to people from my city and around the world. Especially showing them my museum (the Vancouver Maritime Museum). I don’t see it as work but a calling!” – Matthew R., museum in Vancouver

Reason #50:

Reason #51: “One reason I love working in the tourism industry is showcasing my knowledge about our unique landscapes, first nations culture and the wildlife we have in our beautiful province to the tourist. My favourite part of my job is telling tourist what the destination has to offer and than them coming back telling how great their experience was. Hearing their experience that they had makes my heart truly happy.” – Angela G., visitor centre in Terrace

Reason #52: ” I get to share the stories of our coast, and more importantly, educate people, from all over the planet. I started my career in science education, and getting the opportunity to discuss the environmental and scientific research being done, the solutions we’re implementing, and the struggles we continue to face on the west coast, with people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and education levels, really is a dream come true. The passengers aboard my whale watching vessel come here to learn about whales, as well as experience the Pacific Ocean, and they take those lessons and experiences back home to share with their friends and families. BC Tourism doesn’t stop in BC; we have a worldwide impact, and I don’t take that responsibility lightly!” – Jennifer D., naturalist in Victoria

Reason #54: “Endless opportunity eh? BC is at the top of the tourism industry in the world, no denying that. The overwhelming natural beauty helps, but its the people you meet at these destinations that really sets BC apart. I feel rewarded and so grateful to be apart of BC’s booming sector because its not everyday you get reimbursed to interact with the heart of BC, the people! When you get to share the inherent wonders of your home with visitors, explorers and stay-cationers who share your same passion for beautiful BC there is nothing like it around and the opportunities are endless.” –  Jackson B., sea plane company operating in the Vancouver Island and Vancouver, Coast and Mountains area

Reason #57: “We have the luxury of welcoming many people from so many places to our beautiful province! There is never a dull moment and being able to share that with so many walks of life is inspiring. Sometimes people forget just how lucky we are to live where we do and what incredible experiences and memories our city and province have to offer, working in BC tourism is a constant reminder of that! It’s an incredible feeling to have the ability to recommend so many amazing places to see, taste, and experience! Each day is a testimony to why so many of us love our jobs and show up to work with a smile on each and every day!” – Ryan D., attraction in Vancouver

Reason #60:

Reason #61: “Working in an ice cream store has been such a great experience! Not only have I learned new skills in customer service and management, but I get to go to work and make people happy! Everyone is happier with ice cream!” – Merced M., server at an ice cream store in Harrison Hot Springs

Reason #64: “Working at the Visitor Centre means helping people find what they’re looking for. I can make a positive difference to just about every person who walks through the door, or contacts us online or by phone. Most people come to us in a good mood, looking for enjoyment and adventure. We get to help them find those things, and the services they need. And a bonus: watching people discover Nakusp reminds me to look at the beauty around us and not just check the sky for the current weather. ” – Cedra E., visitor centre at Nakusp

Reason #66: “I love being a part of an event that brings joy and entertainment to so many different people.” – Colin M., guest services representative at a Vancouver attraction

Reason #69:

Reason #72: “I work at an amazing resort in the Kootenays. The people I meet from all over BC and Alberta are amazing. The mountains and lake are breathtaking, people are generally a lot more laid back. I enjoy getting to know the people on a Kootenays level.” – Skye D., server in Halcyon Hot Springs

Reason #74: “I have always  been passionate about tourism around the world, but I love working in BC tourism because BC is such an amazing tourism destination in which people dream about visiting for their whole lives. I have worked all around BC and Canada in tourism now and the excitement that comes from tourists is so invigorating and keeps me doing what I do. I also love being able to live “the dream” by living and working in tourism destinations.” – Corry H., sales coordinator at a hotel in Thompson Okanagan

Reason #77: “Everything about rafting on crystal-clear waters on a misty June morning just feels so right. People come from all over the world to appreciate this beauty right in our own backyard. Never do I wake up and not feel lucky to call BC my home and workplace.” Caitlyn O., guest relations at a rafting company

Reason #78: “I am a part of this beautiful part of BC on the Esowista peninsula of Vancouver Island which attracts happy excited folks from all over the world. I am privileged enough to be part of a crew of people guiding the tourists through the waters of this wonderful part of the world. It is exciting when visitors return year after year and sometimes they remember you! Knowing that last time they spent time with me, I played a memorable part in their visit. To live and work in such an incredible place, makes my life that every bit better every day.” – Claire M., deckhand/marine biologist with a whale-watching company in Tofino

Reason #79: “I get to interact and create relationships with people from all over the world travelling to BC who are blown away by the sheer beauty of what we have to offer here.  I feel lucky every single day that I get to live on Vancouver Island and share that with the tourism industry, we are truly in the best place in the world and who wouldn’t like to show that off? From surfing and skiing on the same day, to brewery tours, to hikes that will knock your socks off there is nothing here that we cannot offer and the tourism industry is full of passion and drive to work together to celebrate our province and our country for Canada 150!” – sales manager at a conference centre in Nanaimo

Reason #82:

Reason #83: “I enjoy helping people not only to discover and enjoy one of the most diverse places on Earth, but also to experience it in comfort. Where else can you find the stellar contrast of forest greenery to ocean blue, the contrast of intimidating mountains and the west coast culture, that is so open and accepting? And yet, the opportunities open to a wanderer in even a short stay within BC can be considered equal in abundance to the opportunities found in working within tourism. Vancouver is a city of growth and a city of opportunity. New attractions and restaurants develop and prosper, as do new ways of thinking and innovating within tourism scene in Vancouver, BC. I love my city and I love my industry.” – Paige S., program manager at a hotel in Vancouver

Reason #84: “I like the changing and challenging environment of tourism industry.” ~Hsuan Y., banquet server in Vancouver

Reason #86: “When you have something wonderful to share with people you want to share with as many as you can. Working at the Visitor’s Center you are able to share with people from all over the world and then they share with family and friends and then before you know it all kinds of people want to visit our beautiful province and enjoy what we have. Tourism is important to BC so let’s share and let everyone enjoy.” Barb A., visitor centre in Okanagan Falls

Reason #87: “The chance to share my hometown with others. It allows me to witness the joy our visitors experience taking in our local treasures.” Louise M., baggage service agent with Canadian airline

Reason #88: “Because it allows me to connect with people and deliver an experience.” – Darcy S., owner of alpine club at Mount Washington

Reason #93: “When I was 18 years old my wife got me a job as a bus boy for the Velvet Glove. I didn’t realize there was restaurants like that. Once I poured my first glass water I knew I arrived and that the hospitality industry is where I want to hang my hat. I decided to work one year in every department so by the time I was 30 years old I would be a General Manager of a Hotel, and that happened. I realized at a early age that tourism is the heart of our business, if it’s with fishing groups, or banquets it’s guests that needed to be entertained by having great service so they will return! Tourism is the heart of every city!” – Henry T., GM of a hotel in Victoria

Reason #95: “It’s a great field with enjoyable features and benefits, and I like to make people’s vacations a successful memory.” – Jayram P., kitchen staff at a hotel in Vancouver

Reason #98: “I like to be amidst the influx of people, culture, and ideas that come to Vancouver’s shores from all over the world. Such a vibrant atmosphere never fails to inspire and educate. The enthusiasm that each guest expresses when breathing deeply of our fresh, seaside air is instantaneously infectious, and to help travelers in any capacity is a chance to make a positive contribution to the overall mood of the world writ large. A career in BC tourism is filled with rewards and challenges that cannot be replicated in other employment fields. Also, while I and others serve as guideposts of sorts for travelers, we too are participants in our backyard’s tourism industry, seizing opportunities to experience the attractions – both man-made and natural that proliferate our green coastline.” – Patrick V., port staff in Vancouver

Reason #99: “West coast best coast! I’m originally from Ontario and ever since moving to British Columbia 3 years ago, life has been amazing, I’ve made the best friends I have today in the industry and have had beyond a great time exploring the mountains and ocean with the greatest hospitality best friends in the world. The travellers and guests I have .incountered have been a joy to serve.” – Layla R., resort in Tofino

Reason #100:

Reason #101: “I LOVE being able to tell the incredible stories (both local and international) about our beautiful mountain town, and I love how every day I wake up in my very own vacation. Working doesn’t “feel” like a job, it feels like I’m doing what I was meant to do, sharing a message that people love hearing. I love being able to celebrate a place every day on social media that so many people have made a connection with – a place that is so special to so many people for so many unique and incredible reasons. Additionally, the people in our organization are inspiring and beautiful individuals. It’s awesome to be able to connect every day with like-minded people who love British Columbia like I do!” – Emily S., social media specialist with a destination marketing organization in Whistler

Reason #102: “The sense of excitement and awe I get on the guests face when they come to a city and the attractions. It made me proud and honoured to be working in a beautiful city, province and country.” – May Lynn Q., park host in North Vancouver

Reason #103: “I love meeting all the tourists form all over the world at the visitor center. They have such interesting stories about why they chose our area to explore and stay at. I enjoy helping them to discover what we have to offer in our place.” – Woody A., visitor centre in Okanagan Falls

Reason #105: “I love the adventure of our diverse products and the excitement of offering these products to the travelers visiting our province. We have something for everyone and all ages can play. It’s wonderful see the guests return from the adventure they where on and seeing the smile and enthusiasm that they have. It’s a joy to supply an experience in all our seasons for the people visiting us. I have worked in the tourism business for 20 years and have enjoyed every moment.” – Alison M., hotel manager in Golden

Reason #106: “My first day in British Columbia (& Canada for that matter) was 10 years ago, in 2007. Visiting from Texas, I had never even been to the Pacific Northwest. It was a perfect day; the ferry ride was breathtaking and the twisting coastal Highway 101 was laden in sunshine. That afternoon I hiked the iconic trail to Skookumchuck Narrows and watched the kayakers rip that tidal wave until sunset. I couldn’t have imagined a better “tourist” day – BC and the Sunshine Coast solidified a spot in my heart that day. Now a permanent resident of Canada and Marketing Director for Sunshine Coast Tourism, I spend every day getting to recreate that experience for other travellers. My passion for BC turned into my profession – and now I get to live that “dream day” every day.” – Annie S.

Reason #107: “I love the province of BC and its beauty, easily accessible adventures and natural settings. Working in the tourism industry gives me an opportunity to tell many individuals all of the offerings in this province based on their preferences.” – Cynnamon S., theatre attraction in Vancouver

Reason #109: “PRIDE! Pride in my province and my community.  Couldn’t think of a better place to live, work and recreate and want to share my knowledge of my hometown and region with visitors from near, far and wide.” – Dawsha H., visitor centre in Grand Forks

Reason #110: “I love putting smiles on people’s faces and creating a memorable experience in their lives. Everyone travels somewhere to get away from their regular life routine so to be a part of their excitement and enjoyment is fulfilling.” – Analita N., server in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains

Reason #112: “I Love BC! I am an international worker living in Canada and It has always been a dream to work and live here. I know because my father had came to Canada before me and from the many photos he took I saw that this was the place to be. My home town is in Jamaica and so trust me I know a beautiful place when I see one. From the mountains to the cities there is non-stop excitement all around, not to mention the scenery. Being a front desk associate at a downtown Vancouver hotel one of my jobs is welcoming guests. the best experience of them all working in the industry is hearing about their stay and activities seeing reactions and hearing how fascinating BC is.” – Orlando R., hotel in Vancouver

Reason #115: “We have an incredible story to tell. When I tell stories about Fort Langley and people are able to connect those stories to their present lives I see a spark in their eyes. All of a sudden they feel connected to history and want to know more. When someone shows an interest in our history this gets me incredibly excited. I want people to feel like they can really understand British Columbia and why it exists as a province. When they have this information and it really clicks with them I believe it’s what allows them to really feel a connection to this beautiful place.” – Taylor S., heritage interpreter in Langley

Reason #116: “I love BC’s natural habitat and what our home has to offer – it’s a beautiful place. British Columbia has lots of wildlife to see along with the mountains and hiking trails.” – Whitney C., cook at a hotel in Vancouver

Reason #117: “I love being a chef in BC! The fresh ingredients to start and being close to the US / Canada border the amazing travellers I get to meet!” – Matthew R., bar and grill in Surrey

Reason #118: “Like many of our colleagues I have always loved to travel and therefore naturally gravitate towards the tourism industry. When unable to travel myself it is extremely rewarding to play a role in hosting travelers and showcasing our city, our province and indeed our country. We facilitate travel and socio-cultural experiences that enrich people’s lives thereby helping to galvanize the global citizen. Community, responsible citizenship, volunteerism and inclusivity are a few impactful values in which I believe and we are so lucky that these traits are strongly woven into the Canadian fabric. I am proud to be part of a dynamic industry that aligns itself so well with the aforementioned values. Like anything in life it is not without challenges but it is wonderful for all of us to be involved in an industry that is able to have such a direct and positive impact on the global community.” – James W., guide in hostel in Vancouver

Reason #119: “At Horne Lake Caves we get people from all walks of life who walk through the park and into the dark. No matter their culture the sense of awe instilled by the beauty of the caves is universal. When we turn the lights out and sight of the physical world around us is stripped away by the pitch black of the cave everyone in the group realizes the value of consciousness and that we are all equal. After helping thousands of people face their fears I realize that there is courage inside of everyone and to be brace first you must be afraid. Stepping out of our comfort zones is the best way to reap the satisfaction of living life in a brave way. Our bodies are built to propell ourselves through all environments, and people visiting us on their travels get the chance to discover their true inner strength.” – Myles F., guide in Qualicum Beach

Reason #120: “Working here in BC makes me feel awesome not only because of the beautiful weather and place, but of course the people surrounding me makes me feel energetic every time at work.” – Francis S., casino in Richmond

Reason #123: “I get the opportunity to interact with different demographics of tourists and help showcase the wonderful city I live in, all while continuously finding new spots around my city to explore! I am so fortunate to get the chance to put my schooling (Tourism Management Degree) to the test every single day by providing information of all different types of tourists. Lastly, working in the tourism industry has allowed me to reach a job that I truly never feel like I am working, it’s a blessing knowing that I play a little part in creating lasting memories for tourists from all around the world.” – Cameron C., Visitor Services Centre in Nanaimo

Reason #125: “The diversity you see in locals and travellers alike!” – Sarah O., server at a resort in the Kootenay Rockies

Reason #126: “Everyday of work is rewarding. I get to see how I can make an impact on each guest I connect with, to help them create lasting memories for them to bring home and share with friends and family.” – Stephanie B., hotel in Victoria

Reason #127: “I love working in the BC tourism industry because I love to hear guests’ stories and to connect with them through our beautiful cities. I want to make guests feel at home even though they are miles away from their home because that is how I want to be treated when I am travelling. I love the accessibility and the culture that BC have to offer and I want to be able to share the experience with our guests too.” – Tiffany T., hotel in Vancouver

Reason #130: “I do love to provide experiences to guests, and each one will perceive that experience in a different and personal way.” – Antonio P., banquet server at hotel in Vancouver

Reason #132: “I love working in BC tourism as it’s always a new adventure. Everyday you meet people from around the world, and experience their cultures and stories.” – Sierra M., museum in Penticton

Reason #134: “No two days are the same! We change lives, one smile at a time!” ~ Shalan T., HR Coordinator at a hotel in Thompson Okanagan

Reason #135: “Because it gives me access to wonderful outdoor activities such as numerous hiking trails and high quality snowboarding.” – Florence B., clerk at Manning Park Resort

Reason #136: “I get to give life changing experiences to people. For those of us who live here, we tend to take for granted the beauty of the mountains, lakes, ocean and forests. This can be a whole new exposure to those travelling here and do not have the same scenery back home. I am able to make visitors’ trips run as smoothly as possible so they can relax and enjoy the beauty BC has to offer.” – Erin F., luxury train service in BC

Reason #137: “My job is full of challenges when I meet guests from different countries, especially when the guests can’t understand English and I can help them with the same language I can speak. I also feel so proud that I’m living in most beautiful place on earth.” – Janice Y., hotel in Vancouver

Reason #138: “On our first ever trip to Canada, more than 15 years ago, my partner and I both fell in love with British Columbia.  It offered the perfect mix of all of the things that we wanted from a vacation – spectacular scenery, a relaxed atmosphere, amazing culture, great food – the list goes on. It made such a lasting impression that we decided to make BC our permanent home. I began working in the tourism industry a couple of years ago and cannot think of a more fulfilling and rewarding career.  I love to share stories about my home region and give others the opportunity to experience some of the amazing things that I have been fortunate to discover here in BC. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world that offers the same beauty, bounty or breathing space.” – Jo C., destination marketing organization in Penticton

Reason #141: “Working in the BC Tourism Industry keeps me in the loop of the most up to date creations and innovations in all aspects of extra-curricular education outside of a school building. This industry allows me to share with leaders, mentors, experts, and individuals from all areas and disciplines around the world about the intelligent creation of nature, how animals interact with our ecological system, and my love and appreciation of all art forms and cultures. Moreover, this industry permits the arrangement of flexible work hours, which helps me to maintain a balanced family, work, and personal lifestyle.” – Phyllis T., garden in Vancouver

Reason #142: “Working in tourism I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It gives me great pleasure to share all the wonderful things to see and do in our community and province. I want to offer a welcoming feeling to all of our guests and make them feel at home.” – Val Y., visitor centre in Nelson

Reason #144: “I love being able to share the wilds of BC with guests near and far. BC has many natural places to explore, and I hope to inspire people that visit to fall in love with these places so that they can be protected for generations to come.  As a guide, it is always fun to find ways to bring hospitality into the wild places. Plus, working in the adventure tourism industry allows me to be in places that I love, doing what I love!” – Kelsey M., sea kayak guide in Port McNeill

Reason #145: “Besides the amazing work environment, the great staff and friendly locals, BC has a very authentically local feel when it comes to supporting communities. I live in the Columbia Valley and we pride ourselves on supporting eachother and the businesses herein! I have worked all over Canada and I have never felt more accepted and empowered as I have since working in BC!” – Rebecca T., bartender in Invermere

Reason #147: “It gives me a rush to see other people excited about the places (activities) that I’m excited about.” – Barry M., aquarium in Vancouver

Reason #149: “Every time a guest says they enjoyed their stay at my hotel, I feel a sense of pride that my colleagues and I have truly made their stay special, and they’ll cherish the memories they made in Victoria for years to come.” – Carolyn W., hotel in Victoria

Reason #150: “My favourite part is being able to meet and interact with people from all over the world! I feel even though I’m heading to work for the day that A) my job is never boring because I’m constantly learning about all of the cities in BC, and B) the amount of interesting people I meet from just about every continent makes the day very worthwhile. I have also learned so much about our province that I was unaware of, and have caught the travel bug! There honestly is not a better place to work as a student, and having worked here for just over a year I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” – Rebecca G., visitor centre in Kamloops

Reasons #92, 58, 133, 32, 67, 81:




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