A New Year’s Resolution That Works – Get Paid to Play

It may seem like a waste of time to make New Year’s resolutions with so many good intentions forgotten by the end of January, but when it comes to your job or career, it’s actually a good time to look back and reflect – do you enjoy your work? Is it aligned with your personal interests and talents? Can you imagine doing this job five years or more from now? Of course, we all have some bad days on the job, but if you answered a resounding no to these questions, it’s time to re-think your job or career path.

Start the process by thinking about what you enjoy doing, what you are good at, how you enjoy spending your leisure time, and the type of work environment you prefer. For example, do you enjoy being outdoors? How about dealing with people? Do you like to live and work in the city, or do you prefer a remote location?

The good news is tourism and hospitality offers many exciting jobs and careers with infinite opportunity to get paid for doing what you love. The tourism industry is divided into five different sectors: Accommodation, Food and Beverage Services, Recreation and Entertainment, Transportation, and Travel Services. Within each of these groups there are many different jobs, and different types of employers. With so many choices, the biggest challenge will be deciding what’s right for you.

As a next step, check out go2HR’s Career Explorer, and you can also take the Discover Tourism Interactive Quiz for more ideas and inspiration. Visit the go2HR Job Board and take a look at job postings of interest and the requirements. This will help you to get a sense for the jobs you are qualified for, and where you may need additional education or relevant industry training. Finally, explore go2HR’s Career Profiles featuring people working in BC’s tourism industry, what their jobs entail, and why they love what they do.

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