People Make the Place 2013 Photo Contest Winner

Our winner:

Congratulations to Troy Neale, Marine Mammal Coordinator of the Vancouver Aquarium — he’s the winner of the 2013 contest!

Growing up in North Vancouver, Troy always had an affinity for the marine environment and conservation. His interest was sparked when a summer job came up working at the aquarium back when he was still in high school. That was 18 years ago. He worked for a couple of summers in the engineering department before getting hired on full time and has held numerous other roles working for the Vancouver Aquarium, from head ground staff to horticulturist. Since 2000, he’s been a marine mammal trainer.

Troy feels fortunate to spend time with all of the amazing animals the Vancouver Aquarium has cared for over his years there. Most recently, his main focus has been heading up the open ocean Steller sea lion research program. He spends much of his time out on the waters of Burrard Inlet with some of the Steller sea lions and is learning more about this amazing species.

Troy gets to work with a great group of people and animals and he meets many of the great visitors they get each year. “I truly love going to work each day, and yes I do have the best job in the world!” says Troy.

This photo was taken at the Open Water Research Station on Burrard Inlet. Learn more by visiting the Vancouver Aquarium.

Here is a look at Troy’s entry:

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