ROE On-Line Forms Available

Each year Canadian payroll staff create approximately eight million Records of Employment. There are now some on-line options available.

Every time an employee has an interruption of earnings the employer must complete a Record of Employment (ROE) form, with some employers having to process hundreds of these forms at a time.

In addition, the forms can be complex, resulting in numerous enquiries from Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSD) staff.

To address this issue, HRSD developed ROE Web and gradually started implementing it nationally in 2003. ROE Web enables employers to create and print ROEs using Internet technology and submit them electronically to HRSD, thereby simplifying the ROE creation and reducing the paper burden.


The ROE Web Online Data Entry option allows employers to complete ROE forms on the Web in the same manner as the paper form, and transmit them electronically to HRSD for validation.

The ROE Payroll Extract Transfer option is the easiest to use because it allows employers to complete hundreds of ROEs in minutes without having to perform the calculations and other tasks normally associated with filling out the form.

ROE Web is available to employers who use their own payroll data systems. HRSD has also developed electronic ROE solutions that will work for businesses that use a Payroll Service Provider or specialized payroll software. If your business uses one of these services a Payroll Service Provider, contact Provider to find out if the service is available. If your business uses specialized payroll software to issue ROEs, contact your Software Vendor to check whether ROE Web is among the features included in their software.

ROE Web is part of the Federal Government’s commitment to modernize service to Canadians and improve federal services through on line services.

To obtain more information on ROE Web, visit the Service Canada website.