Meet Career Seekers Face To Face

For nearly 15 years, TCAP – The Tourism Career Awareness Program – has been building industry exposure and generating career interest. Make this your year to join the Speakers Bureau.

Here’s why every BC Tourism employer should make the go2HR Speakers Bureau part of their recruitment strategy:

  • TCAP tells Tourism like it is: diverse, growing, opportunity-filled, and financially rewarding.
  • TCAP reaches students who are at their peak of career exploration, legally able to work, and hungry for exposure to industries and employment options.
  • TCAP can trigger a passion for the industry, jumpstart young workers into employment, and lay the foundation for a lasting career.

A growing number of employers are finding success promoting their business and job opportunities as TCAP presenters. It’s a cost-free tool to reach potential job candidates plus:

  • Get to know the needs, opinions, and thoughts of one of Tourism’s key recruiting audiences.
  • Give back to an industry you are passionate about.
  • Stay current and informed on Tourism career and labour facts.
  • Take a break from the office to promote the industry.

“I highly recommend all tourism professionals become TCAP speakers to help promote our industry as we face labour shortages. The presentation is so full of valuable and enlightening information that students cannot help but be attentive and genuinely interested. Following almost every one, the number of students interested in tourism as a career goes up by 25%.” Rocky Ozaki, Past Director of Human Resources, Capilano Suspension Bridge.