Checklist: Is Your Business Boomer-Ready?

There are many benefits to engaging boomers and changing demographics have made the need to do so a reality. Fortunately for tourism and hospitality, the flexible, often leisure friendly, and social aspects of work in the industry make it attractive to this demographic.

But in order to successfully attract and recruit this demographic, you will need to assess your business and you may need to make some changes. As a first step, ask yourself if your business can meet the following criteria.

Checklist: Is your Business “Boomer-Ready”?

  • First Step: You will need to think outside the box, consider not just how your business exists today, but how could it change to incorporate this strategy?
  • Can you offer part-time, seasonal or flexible work options, and if so, what types of roles?
  • Do all levels of your organization, including the leadership team, support an age-diverse and flexible workplace?
  • Can you offer work opportunities that are genuine and rewarding where boomers can use their skills?
  • Can you offer training and development that will allow boomers to acquire new skills necessary to perform in new roles?
  • Does your compensation plan include perks that will appeal to boomers and their families, and are you communicating this in your recruitment marketing? This could include opportunities for social interaction, benefits (e.g., medical, dental, transit subsidies, etc.) and perks (e.g., discounts at affiliated tourism and hospitality businesses, season passes to local attractions, etc.).
  • Does your employer brand work with and support this initiative? Be truthful. If not, don’t say that you do. If so, take the time to develop the messaging and talk about what you can offer, such as:
    • Welcoming  people of all ages to apply for opportunities – “all who are interested are encouraged to apply”
    • Speaking to your inclusive workplace culture – “we have multiple generations working together to serve multiple generations”
  • Is your recruitment marketing and online content inviting for boomers, or is it targeted towards younger workers? (Tip: See examples and more in Boomer Recruitment Marketing 101)
  • Just like any prospective recruit, look for energy and attitude. If boomers have a young mind and young attitude, that’s what your customers will see.

For more information on recruiting and retaining baby boomers in your workforce, download a copy of our Baby Boomer Tool Kit.