7. Safer Spaces: A Sneak Peek at the New Safer Spaces Training Course

The most recent blog post in our “Safer Spaces” series gave voice to the project team, who shared their journey of designing, editing and refining the new Safer Spaces online training course, which is aimed at reducing workplace sexual harassment across the tourism and hospitality industry.

Created by go2HR and supported by Justice Canada, Safer Spaces is a three-year initiative whose first deliverable – online training targeted to employers and supervisors – was unveiled in March. The course was developed by go2HR, as well as experts from Spark + Co., developers of custom e-learning; and Bunderfost Creative, a graphic design company, who created the brand logo for Safer Spaces.

Setting the scene

To empathically address a situation that can be incredibly traumatic, the Safer Spaces training course is grounded in storytelling. The course opens with a scenario at a tourism business – The Lodge – where Joe, a new manager, faces a potential case of sexual harassment involving one of his workers. Participants learn, along with Joe, how to resolve the situation appropriately and implement prevention measures to help prevent sexual harassment in the future.

During the beginning modules, course participants learn how to identify a situation of sexual harassment and navigate the reality of common myths. They’ll also learn about gender and the sex discrimination aspect of harassment.

Take the Course!

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