10. Safer Spaces: Passing the Baton to You

While the team is immensely proud of the time and energy they have dedicated towards Safer Spaces, they are cognizant that the real test will come when participants move through the finished product and experience for themselves the course’s relevance and impact.

“We won’t truly know if the course is successful until students provide feedback,” said Stephanie Mallalieu, go2HR. “Ongoing evaluation is really important to us and we’ll continue to refine and improve the content after launch. Also, this course is foundational to the entire Safer Spaces initiative, so the work we do now will feed into our future deliverables too.”

“This course is going to add a ton of value to the tourism industry, and the next phase will be even more exciting,” added Andrea Hinck, go2HR. “Now that we’ve laid the groundwork, I anticipate development of the next iteration will be a bit easier.”

The next Safer Spaces course, set for release in early 2023, will be targeted to tourism and hospitality workers. Content will centre on education for participants about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to workplace sexual harassment, and ways to access legal help or other resources if they experience or witness harassment in the workplace.

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Through this series of blog posts, we’ve navigated the project team’s journey of ideating, designing and refining the Safer Spaces online training course. Now, the baton is passed to you! Employers and supervisors are encouraged to register for the course, apply learnings in their own workplaces, and share feedback with go2HR on the course content and structure. By educating ourselves and supporting each other, we can work towards ending workplace sexual harassment once and for all.

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