9. Safer Spaces: Ready for Launch: go2HR Opens Registration for Safer Spaces Training Course

The blog post in our “Safer Spaces” series, “A Sneak Peek at the New Safer Spaces Training Course”, shared a brief overview of an important new training tool designed for the tourism and hospitality industry – Safer Spaces, which is aimed at reducing workplace sexual harassment.

Created by go2HR and supported by Justice Canada, Safer Spaces is a three-year initiative whose first deliverable – online education targeted to employers and supervisors – is now open for registration. The course was developed by go2HR, in collaboration with experts from Spark + Co. and Bunderfost Creative.

Designed with input from BC’s tourism and hospitality industry, Safer Spaces aims to reduce incidences of harassment by establishing “safer spaces” where workers feel empowered to report harassment, and employers are held accountable for cultivating safe working environments. The project team created the program from scratch, an intensive process that involved over a year’s worth of planning and work. As with any complex project – particularly one centred around a topic that can be incredibly emotional and triggering – the team spent endless hours refining, editing and reshaping the content, ultimately packaging the course into a storytelling format meant to connect on a deeper level with participants.

“I was so pleased that the team embraced the narrative approach we recommended,” said Holly MacDonald, Spark + Co. “It’s much more complex to develop, but we believe the course will encourage people to reflect and learn, rather than just review and click. We want people to walk away with insights they’ve generated on their own, not just a bulleted list of do’s and don’ts.”

The final stretch

The final blog post in our Safer Spaces series recaps the program and shares the project team’s thoughts about the course and what they anticipate for the next phase.

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