8. Safer Spaces: Tourism and Hospitality Risk Factors

Safer Spaces is geared towards the tourism and hospitality industry, which is why one of the course modules focuses on unique industry risk factors – for example, the high percentage of new and young workers, as well as seasonal and temporary workers – employed in the industry. There are often circumstances where the lines between work and socializing are blurred and situations such as communal staff housing, shift work, remote work and working alone could lead to a greater level of vulnerability, if not appropriately managed.

Identifying Risk Factors in Tourism and Hospitality is one of ten modules in the Safer Spaces course for employers and supervisors, not only delving into the risk factors but explaining how to mitigate them.

Employer and supervisor roles and responsibilities

During this section of the course, we review the specific roles and responsibilities that both employers and supervisors have with regard to preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

We introduce some specific employer and supervisor responsibilities, like creating a policy around bullying and harassment, training, communication and how to handle a disclosure. The practical elements of these are explored in more detail later in the course but this introduction helps employers and supervisors to understand how the topics feed into workplace policies and procedures. One of the key messages here is the importance of leading by example, which fits into the overall workplace culture too.

Responding to sexual harassment in the workplace

The latter half of the course explains the difference between a disclosure and a report of sexual harassment, and explores ways to receive and respond to a disclosure with compassion and support. It also delves into trauma-informed approaches, which recognize the experience might be traumatic for other workers, who have witnessed the harassment, in addition to the complainant.

The Safer Spaces training course concludes with a separate module dedicated to healing from workplace sexual harassment, and working towards continual improvement and a work culture where employees are treated with respect and harassment is ultimately eliminated.


We developed a range of resources to complement this course, many of which are introduced within the individual course modules. We have also provided all of the resources in the form of a handy toolkit, which can be downloaded, personalized and saved. That way, the information will be readily available, all in one place, making it practical and convenient.

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