2. Why are we launching Safer Spaces now?

[Content Warning: Sexual Harassment]

Sexual harassment is not a new issue, but movements such as Me Too and #BeenRapedNeverReported are encouraging victims to step forward, share their experiences and understand that they are not alone.

With tourism and hospitality dramatically impacted by the global pandemic, the industry’s recovery carries a key opportunity to build back better – to evolve, adapt and eliminate systemic inequities, discrimination and harassment. By introducing education and training that helps employers and employees identify sexual harassment and outlines clear steps towards preventing it, go2HR hopes to establish a new standard of safe, supportive workplaces where people feel secure and confident in the knowledge that their wellbeing takes top priority.

With more people reporting incidents of sexual harassment at work, it’s critical for employers to take steps to foster and maintain a respectful and safe work environment. It’s also the employer’s responsibility to cultivate a workplace culture where employees experiencing any form of harassment are empowered to report the abuse with the confidence they will be fully supported.

Cultivating Safer Spaces

For the past year, a team of experts convened by go2HR – including professionals in online training, course development and visual design – have been working tirelessly to create the Safer Spaces program. The team is united by a commitment to reduce the stigma around workplace sexual harassment, and a desire to champion the topic as an integral element of workplace education and training.

Safer Spaces begins with an employer/supervisor-focused training module, which will be released in March, followed by a frontline worker-focused training module scheduled for release next year. Watch for the next blog post that explores how the Safer Spaces training program was designed.

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