Developing Your People

You may need training for specific purposes, such as a new booking system or food handling, but incorporating training that develops your employee towards a long-term career goal can help promote greater job satisfaction. And a more satisfied employee is likely to stay longer and be more productive.

If you have a performance management program, it should cover not only your employee’s immediate training needs, but also the development required to groom your employee towards this career goal.


Career development can include assigning a special project where your employee learns a new skill, taking on acting responsibilities during another’s absence, or cross-training. All of these areas of training and development can promote greater job satisfaction while lessening the likelihood of unwanted turnover.


Remember that employees are people, and behind their actions are core values. They will also be influenced by your core values. If you can communicate your core values and include them in your employee training, you will by developing the ability of your people to make decisions that best complement the company.