The Case for Virtual Training

The pandemic has impacted all areas of business, including the delivery of training materials to employees. As in-person training becomes more complex due to the ever-changing health and safety regulations, and physical distancing requirements, online learning solutions have become the norm.

If you are looking to transition from face-to-face training courses to virtual or self-directed delivery, go2HR can help with the development and hosting of your courses. Bring the training to your employees without worrying about logistics or group sizes.

We’ve listed just some of the benefits of online learning below for you to consider.


Virtual courses are housed on our online learning management system, which allows employees to access their courses from anywhere, at any time. The system is compatible across all devices for a seamless user experience that allows trainees to choose how and when they learn.

Reduced Administration Fees

The cloud-based system can automate your entire training program, including course delivery, registration, assignments, course completions and more.

All-In-One Solution

Using multiple channels and formats to deliver course content makes it difficult to keep track of completion and deadlines and can be confusing for learners. Using a learning management system to store all your eLearning materials in one location cuts out any extra steps and makes materials easy to access and update for learners and administrators.

Progress Tracker

A learning management system gives trainers the ability to instantly give feedback on assignments and keeps track of the employee’s progress to ensure they’re meeting their performance milestones.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact Andrea Hinck, director of industry training at for more information.