Happy July! Summer is speeding along at breakneck speed and, I am sure you will all agree with me when I say that there is a decidedly different buzz in the air. I’m a bike commuter, and am regularly reminded of the buzz as I ride home after a day in the office. My route takes me through Stanley Park, where I love over-hearing all the different languages visitors speak. It leaves me with a smile and a validating confirmation that visitors are indeed back. And not just in the Lower Mainland but in every corner of the province.

Over the past months, we’ve commemorated a few key milestones that I’d like to share with you.

We were back onscreen for our 43rd AGM that go2HR hosted at the end of June. Thanks to all that joined! We shared our 2021-2022 Annual Report (LINK) that outlines our purpose, mission, values, strategy, activities and outcomes of the last year, none of which would have been possible without your support and collaboration, for which I am grateful. It also highlights priorities for this upcoming fiscal year (2022-2023) including mental health and wellness, raising the HR bar with our regional HR consultants, advancing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and supporting labour recovery.

At the AGM, we reflected on the ongoing challenges that continue to plague our industry; natural disasters, rising prices, and of course the labour shortage. The research from the BC Tourism & Hospitality Labour Market Information Research project offers valuable insights into the workforce to help inform strategy and action. For each 11 Workforce profiles, we have developed a quick, one-page synopsis of key facts to help move the findings from the report’s pages to our decision and decision- making.

Our team has grown too. We’re proud of the high-talent regional HR consultant team, now on the ground, available to serve the unique HR needs of each tourism region of our beautiful province. The HR consultants will be partnering with stakeholders on HR initiatives that drive recruitment as well as offering complimentary HR advisory services to employers. We’re grateful to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport and Destination BC Vancouver, Coast, & Mountains for their confidence and investment in making this happen. You can get in touch with the HR consultant in your region and find out more about the program here.

We had an opportunity to practice what we preach and invest and develop our people, holding a long overdue go2HR team day at Grouse Mountain. A bit of workshopping and a whole lot of fun was had. You all should know the commitment, expertise and passion that resides in these individuals to support the industry. It was our first get-together in a very long time with our expanded team and, from my perspective, it was so nice to be together in such a beautiful setting, and workshop face to face with our colleagues from all across the province.

And our final milestone last month. Goodbyes are never easy, and it was hard for us, and me, to say farewell to Ellen Langton, our former CFO. Ellen has been a valued team member of go2HR since 2013 and was a rock to me as I took on the CEO role in April of 2020. We wish Ellen many happy kilometres on her bike as she pedals into retirement. Earlier in the Spring, we welcomed a talented financial professional, Marta Brisco, our new Director of Finance and Operations, who will continue to support our growth and work with you.