Meet Rachel Udy: Why I Decided to Become a Learning Coach

I’m thrilled at the opportunity to blend my love for the Hospitality and Tourism industry with my ambition to support others with their mental wellness needs. My passion for the industry first ignited back in 2007 when I began working at a restaurant and quickly learnt that I am a people person, through and through. My work experience and recent education in Counselling, and other endeavors surrounding mental health align perfectly with this role where I am influencing and contributing to workplace wellness.

We can no longer subscribe to the notion that we are capable of and expected to “leave our baggage at the door”, which means that a workplace has an increasing responsibility to provide psychological safety. This doesn’t mean that leaders or workers are expected to be therapists, but rather are actively creating work environments where people feel safe to bring their whole selves to work, and speak up if they need to. We often hear the phrase “organizations are only as strong as their people”, and that depends on having a healthy and productive workforce that feels supported.

I see the struggle and burnout widely; in employers, employees, owners and volunteers alike, and I am here to help. As your Workplace Learning Coach, together, we can explore what a psychologically healthy workplace means for you, understand why it’s important, and help you implement small but mighty efforts that enhance connection, productivity, retention and so much more! I see the great things already being implemented in workplaces that strengthen psychological safety, and it’s my job to help the industry recognize and build on those wins.

We can and will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever, and I’m committed to reminding those who love the industry so much why they chose to be in it. We will get back to a place where work is vibrant, fun, and filled with people who are psychologically protected and can bring their awesome unique selves to work! The industry shines so bright because of the people in it, and those people deserve to feel excited and fulfilled by their work.

If we look ahead, we can see hope on the horizon. There’s never been a better time to employ the supports available that will bolster the recovery of businesses. A new path is being paved; a path that will provide resources on a traditionally stigmatized topic. It’s so exciting that I get to play a part in the comeback of an industry I love so much.

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